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Sunday, May 18, 2014

A bomb blast occurred this evening around 9.30pm at a popular drinking spot on Ekiken street in Sabongari area of Kano state. Casualty figure is yet unknown but unconfirmed reports say about 10 people were killed in the blast. Details later...

Update: It's been confirmed. 10 people lost their lives this evening in the blast

Earlier last week, Limpopo singer, KCee received some knocks from fans for denying being married in a recent interview. The singer through his manager, Soso, said he neither denied nor accepted that he was married in the interview. He said that his client was joking with his interviewer when the question was asked because he likes keeping his marital life private.
Soso told Punch:

15-year-old Baba Goni was part of a vigilante group who saved two of the abducted Chibok girls, raped, beaten and left to die in the bush..Baba who was once abducted and lived with Boko Haram for 2 years told his story as written by Babara Jones of Mailonline
Their faces scratched and bleeding, the pitiful remains of their once-smart school uniforms ripped and filthy, the two teenage girls were tethered to trees, wrists bound with rope and left in a clearing in the Nigerian bush to die by Islamist terror group Boko Haram.Despite having been raped and dragged through the bush, they were alive – but only just – in the sweltering tropical heat and humidity.

    ‘They were seated on the ground at the base of the trees, their legs stretched out in front of them – they were hardly conscious,’

Says Baba, who acted as a guide for one of the many vigilante teams searching for the Nigerian schoolgirls abducted from their school last month by Boko Haram.The horrific scene he and his comrades encountered, a week after the kidnap early on April 15, was in thorny scrubland near the village of Ba’ale, an hour’s drive from Chibok. It was still two weeks before social media campaigns and protests would prick the Western world’s conscience over the abduction.

Damilola Adegbite and her Ghanaian actor fiance Chris Attoh held a joint birthday party yesterday in Ghana. Dami's birthday is today while Chris' was yesterday. Happy birthday to them.

I am at my wits end and the more I think about it, the more I realise I need someone to talk to about it and get a solution. It's a story of almost 10 years. Please, take your time and read. Thank you all:
It all began in 2002 when I gained employment in an organisation. And, in the course of duty, I got very close to a guy named Mike. I later got to know we lived in the same area and since he had a car, he was always taking me home. 
In 2003, we still shared the closeness and I was beginning to get fond of him. I lost one of my parents and he attended the funeral alongside most of my ogas. It was after the burial he told me he loved me and would want to have a relationship with me. I asked him if he was single and he said yes...
I visited his home one day and saw some greeting cards from a certain Nike and when I asked, he said she was his ex. I asked him why he didn't get rid of the cards and he said he just didn't think it was necessary.

On a Sunday morning, I intentionally visited his home cos I knew he would be in church. I interviewed two of his neighbours and they told me he was indeed single. They said he used to have a lady but it's been ages since they saw her and when they asked him, he said they've broken up. I was happy, thanked them and left.

We started a relationship in March and I was happy cos I already had feelings for him. After three months, he came to visit my mum and told her of his intentions to marry me. My mum said no wahala and gave him her blessings. I had already told her about him and she knew I was happy with him.

This lady has lost it and she needs to get her life back on track as fast as possible. Read her story below:
I am in desperate need of some good advice. First of all before I start let me get this fact out in the open; I am more than aware that i have made major mistakes in my life, however i am even more aware that I need to rectify my situation, and I need to do it now. 
A few years ago I was seeing a guy and I thought it was the real thing.... I was wrong. I got pregnant and as soon as I told him he vanished into thin air. I had a baby boy, who is now four and continued to live in my mother's house, I was 25, unmarried and a single mother while still living as a dependent in my mothers house therefore I was beyond depressed. My mother didn't rebuke me, she helped me take care of my son and I was able to get a pretty good job. 
Just over two years ago I started dating a guy and we have been together ever since, we had no issues at all up until October when he lost his job. Our world literally fell apart, we had to put all plans for our wedding and plans to move into our own home on hold. The worst part was that I was already pregnant...

The pains some women go through in their quest to have a baby due to family pressure is unimaginable. This woman's case is one sad example. Read what she told Punch's Toyosi Ogunseye below...

When did you get married?
We got married in 2004

Did you do HIV tests before you got married?
Yes, we did. It was a compulsory test before getting married. We were both HIV negative.

When did you realise you had the virus?
It was in 2007. I got pregnant and was asked to do some random tests. That was how I found out I was HIV positive.

Do you know how you contracted the virus?
Sometimes, it’s difficult to tell because there are so many ways through which one can get the virus but you can trace it if you vividly remember the activities you engaged in for some months and years.

A young housewife who's crazy about money but was not getting as much as she wanted from her husband has been arrested by men of Nigeria Police in Delta after they discovered she arranged her own kidnap.

33-year-old Grace Obi is said to have, along with an accomplice, faked her own abduction in a bid to extort some good money from her husband. She was found out and arrested, and so was her accomplice, after all the investigations conducted by the police indicated the kidnapping is fake.

The rate at which ladies pursue money these days is quite worrisome. You can hardly see a single lady in any of the major cities who is not desperate and ready to do anything with a man just to get money from him. In fact it's so bad that some ladies will just tell you "N20k per night" even when you just want to be her friend.

The girl above is one of them. She met a guy on one of the social networks and rushed to meet him in a hotel as he appeared like a rich guy from his online profile. The guy "enjoyed" her, lied to her that he will send money to her bank account and even took her private photos. Now the photos have leaked...

Hmmm how time flies! The sad case of the murder of beautiful Cynthia Osokogu is still dragging in court and in the meantime, Police prosecutors are doing all their best to nail the rough guys who committed the act.

Those in court on Monday were shocked when the prosecutor presented before a Lagos High Court sitting in Igbosere, a laptop containing nudé pictures of the deceased lady.
Among the shocking pictures presented, Cynthia’s body was seen cellotaped. In another one, her international passport was placed on her chest and the worst is another picture that was a close-up shot of her private part.
The four defendants are Okwumo Nwabufo, 33; Olisaeloka Ezike, 23; Orji Osita, 33 and Ezike Nonso, 25.

Led-in-evidence by Lagos State Attorney General, Mr Ade Ipaye, the prosecution’s witness (PW2), Sgt. John Babalola, told the court that the said pictures were sent by the 1st defendant (Nwabufo) from his Blackberry phone to his laptop. The police sergeant said:

The guy didn't know that he and the married woman have been caught on tape doing the thing on bed. When they held him he lied that he came to her to collect money for market stuffs. See the secret video below...

This nonsense is getting too much. Why should a lady, who should be a mother, be going about stealing babies in other peoples neighbourhood for ritual purpose? Sadly, she got what she's looking for. See video...

This married woman is a big disgrace to herself. She kept lying to husband that nothing is happening between she and her boss in the office until she was caught red handed. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE VIDEO

This is a crazy scene. The babe was getting down with a big boy inside her house, but she didn't know that her boyfriend in the area was watching them from the bathroom window. The saga was all caught on tape...

The Jihad Against Boko! Civilians Kill 200 Boko Haram Terrorists In Borno Attack:
The rise of the civilians against terror took the Boko Haram saga to a new turn in the early hours of Tuesday when citizens of Rann, headquarters of Kala-Balge local government, Borno northeast, who had fore-knowledge of an impending Boko Haram attack, decided not to remain sitting ducks but prepared for battle.

According to reports we received from Civilian sources in Borno, over 400 Boko Haram terrorists stormed Rann and neighboring villages in the early hours of Tuesday, with their usual convoy of hilux trucks, motorcycles and Armored Personnel Carriers (APC) only to meet villagers ready for them this time.
The civilian villagers pounced on the terrorists with mere rocks, bows and arrows, local Dane guns, swords and “charms”. But as we have earlier reported, Boko Haram are more frightened of Civilian-JTF than they are of the Nigerian army, and run from the civilians even if they — the civilians — only have knives. The battle raged till the sun came up and ended with the civilians killing over 200 Boko Haram terrorists, capturing several prisoners and recovering several of their vehicles...

Boko Haram Terrorists Arrested By Citizens In Dikwa Say Abducted Girls Are In Sambisa
Eight Boko Haram terrorists who came out to get food and items from Goym village in Dikwa local government, Borno state were arrested by visiting Civilian Joint Task Force men who came from Gwoza. The terrorists who came in a hilux truck with some motorcycles were arrested at 4pm Friday evening.

Upon interrogation, the terrorists revealed that the 234 girls abducted from Chibok were still in Sambisa forest and that they had been divided into three groups. They describe the camps in Sambisa as very large. They said they were sent by their leader to get items including clothes for the girls.
The civilians hoped military support will be sent to Dikwa immediately as it is likely the terrorists return when they find their men were arrested. They also hope “the Americans” will act on this intelligence to rescue the abducted girls.

I don't know if we should blame this nonsense on poverty, lack of jobs, unemployment or just pure greed on the part of these girls who engage in such acts. The latest trend now is for these ladies to send private pix to guys to solicit for money from them in exchange for "rough play". This is crazy! See the photos below...

Christians are becoming endangered species in Nigeria by the passing of each day. The mastermind of the deadly Nyanya bomb blast in Abuja, Aminu Sadiq Ogwuche, is said to have been radicalised while studying in South Wales, United Kingdom, for his university education, a report by Daily Mail Friday revealed.

Ogwuche who dubbed himself ‘The Lion of God’ threatened to cut the hands and feet of non-believers while he was living in Britain. While living in South Wales, posts on his social media page became more extreme.
In early 2010, a chilling post on Facebook by Ogwuche said: “Those who strive in the path of Allah love death like the kuffar love life, hahaha. Let them know, we are always ready to meet our lord anytime he wills.” 
In 2011 after a series of increasingly extreme posts, he wrote: “The only punishment of those who wage war against Allah and His Messenger and strive to make mischief in the land is that they should be murdered, or crucified, or their hands and their feet should be cut off on opposite sides, or they should be imprisoned.” 
Another post said: “We warn you to give up your disobedience to Allah and surrender to him or wait we bring your humiliation; then you will be regretful and on the knees.”
The 29-year-old who was said to have escaped to Sudan was declared wanted by security authorities early in the week. But the terror kingpin was arrested by the Interpol in the Islamic country on suspicion of carrying out terror attacks in Abuja, Nigeria which killed more almost 100 people.

This man is doing great things, I wish we have more pastors like him. Prophet T.B. Joshua has made the dreams of a prodigious young student come true after sponsoring her to study a Masters Degree in the prestigious Harvard Law School, USA, to the tune of over $82,000 (about N13million).

Mary Jean Nleya, 22, shared her testimony during the church service at The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) in Lagos on Sunday 11th May 2014. According to her, she met T.B. Joshua several years ago as a visitor to The SCOAN and explained her educational plights to him:
“I told him that I had no father that was taking care of my educational fees,” she said.   
He informed me that I needed only Jesus Christ to be my Father and that He would take care of all my needs. From then on, I became a SCOAN scholarship recipient.”
The gifted student from Botswana narrated how the cleric had been like a father to her morally and materially ever since. “If there is any word to describe the role Prophet T.B. Joshua has played in my life, it is like that of a father,” she emphatically told the congregation.

Motivated TB Joshua's teachings, Nleya received a distinction in Law in the University of Pretoria, South Africa. Thereafter, she had a successful internship at the International Criminal Court in The Hague, Netherlands.

How time flies. Uche Jumbo and her foreign husband Kenny Rodriguez have been married for two years already and it's just like yesterday. The actress is pregnant and as a way of marking their 2nd wedding anniversary she decided to show us her secret wedding photos. Check out all the lovely photos below...

A young lawyer, tells Peter Okeugo of Punch that child abuse turned him gay:
Thompson (real name withheld) is a sad man. At 24, he has a dilemma that he’s afraid to share with his family and friends. Thompson, a lawyer, is gay. He says séxual abuse by an older male, when he was growing up, altered his séxuality. 
Fighting back tears, Thompson recounts his story: “I did not set out to be gay. I do not believe I was born gay; I was abused by an older neighbour when I was young.  
“I grew up in a good Christian home. My dad was a traveller and he was never around. So, my mother played a major role in the upbringing of my siblings and I. I had an amazing upbringing, as I never lacked anything. My growth intellectually was above my age, I guess that’s why I am able to remember the things that happened when I was five years old.”
He recalls that he was initially introduced to the act of oral séx at a very tender age...
“We lived in a two-storey building. I was between five and eight years old, but I remember performing fellatio on one of my older neighbours always. He used to take me to hidden corners of the staircase, and compelled me to carry out the act on him. He was living with his elder sister. I was in early primary school then, while he was about finishing secondary school.

Leke Adeboye, son of Pastor E.A. Adeboye, general overseer of Redeemed Church, and his wife Titilope, has finally opened up on their marriage and the "difficult" issue of abstaining from séx until wedding night. Below is the interesting chat that tell it all...

Thank you so much for agreeing to do this! It’s a delight to be able to hear your story and more importantly, share to bless people. Could we please start off with a brief introduction?
Leke: Introduction of his wife Titilope Adeboye... How do I introduce this fine hot lady?... Forget that she’s my wife, for any random girl – that is still amazing! Lol

What else, she runs me! She’s my Manager, I call her my CEO.. She’s my Account Manager, she runs my entity as a personality and then she runs a number of businesses – Oasis Suya Eatery and Sharwama and she’s also the owner of Mimi’s Confectionery.

My wife is multi-skilled and multi-talented and takes every advantage to improve herself. Whatever she sets her mind on, she would do it! And she CAN do it! I’m proud of that and I basically support, support support!. She studied Mass Communication in the University and got a First Class from behind a 2:1 (laughter).

Bessem Okafor, the estranged wife of the pastor of Mountain of Liberation Miracles Ministires, Pastor Chris Okafor, has shown how her husband beat her up mercilessly at their home in the Magodo are of Lagos.

Bessem who left her home in 2012, said she had, a few weeks ago, gone to visit her four children who were in the custody of their father, Pastor Chris, based on an agreement.

Few hours after their children had left for school, Bessem received a phone call from Pastor Chris who had also left the house. He questioned why she was still in his house and and ordered her to leave. But Bessem said she had promised her children that she would wait and see them after school before leaving.

At this point, Pastor Chris sent a policeman who was part of his entourage to the house to send his wife out.
The wife said, “The policeman told me to leave the house. At that time, I was wearing only my dress. I had washed my undies and spread them to dry since I didn’t come with extra.
The visit was said to have been arranged by a lawyer from Office of Public Defender in Lagos State Ministry of Justice, and her husband’s lawyer, Mr. Onyechukwu Ubani.

While speaking with Punch, Bessem said: “I have not seen my children for nine months and our lawyers agreed that I could come see them at home after school hours by 5pm. I went to the house at the appointed time, but my children were not there.

Men please don't allow things to get out of hand before you seek help, many ladies these days can't cope with a man who is not active in the inner chamber. #GoFigure! A Lagos-based hairdresser, Mrs Suzy Adeleke, on Friday pleaded with an Ikorodu Customary Court to dissolve her six-year-old marriage over her husband's séxual weakness.

Lady Suzy, who resides at No. 2, Anifowoshe St., Ewu-Elepe in Ikorodu, said that her husband, James, had not performed well on bed since they got married in 2008. She told the court that she was having séx with her husband only once in two months when they were living together.

Mr Iweka Nnamdi, a 32-year-old man, a graduate of Nnamdi Azikiwe University has been arrested by the Lagos Police command for allegedly blackmailing and extorting money from unsuspecting female victims.

Nnamdi used multiple Facebook profiles, where he impersonates notable persons in the society such as the Secretary to the State Government Senator Anyim Pius Anyim, House of Rep Speaker Aminu Tambuwal, Michael Adenuga, actor Van Vicker and a host of others, to deceive cheap women.
Here's what Nnamdi do to ladies: "He met a female banker on facebook where he posed as one of the big shots in Nigeria. After chatting with her for sometime, he invited her to a hotel in Ajah on March 14, 2014, where he had her. Unknown to the female banker, a camp coder was placed in a corner of the hotel room, where all that transpired was recorded...

Love and trust are very important in marriage and couples are expected to uphold these ideals to sustain their marriage. However, infidelity is one of the challenges in marriage that has ruined many promising homes. So, PUNCH asked some people what they would do if they meet their spouses doing it live with another person in their homes. Below are their interesting responses:

I went mad when it happened to me
Did you know it has happened to me before? I couldn’t believe it would ever happen to me. It was just like a dream and I could hardly believe it. Although it was very painful, I knew life must continue. I wanted to run mad on that day, but as a Christian, I just had to restrain myself...
I was just mute when I caught my wife red-handed with another man. I called her after the whole thing and told her to be with whoever would make her happy. I forgave her afterwards.
-Tella Hezekiah

She was naive and the man took advantage of her, now the result has come out:
I am a 19 year old lady. My parents have been separated since I was about 8, and I’m an only child. Since I was about 12 years old, I have been engaging in a sexual affair with my mother’s younger brother who lives with us. When it started initially, it scared me a lot, and when I told my mum, she dismissed my report and accused me of making it up, I even got shouted at for trying to ’ spoil his name’.

Afterwards, I began to enjoy being with him, I was young, so the little treats he would give me made me feel like he genuinely loved me as he claimed. He was responsible for picking me up from school and I would be home alone with him, whilst I did my homework, he would touch me and I was vulnerable so I responded, and even performed oral sex on him, and I would promise not to tell anybody because nobody would believe me.

This life is a mystery. Bad girls end up enjoying best of life and some will later repent and enjoyment continue but what are we going to make of ladies who choose to live right from day one, yet things are not working?

This woman's situation captures one of such confusing scenarios. Read her story below:
I'm 40years old today and I'm the saddest person alive. So I'm writing this letter today to God through your blog hoping somebody somewhere can help me make sense of my life.
Dear God,
I'm 40 today and I hate the life you have given me. This isn't living. Being dead is better than this. Haba God, after my sacrifice, after serving you in truth and in spirit. You bring me shame? I have no money, no kids, no husband and you want me to continue serving you. Haha! 
From 18, I served your church till now; when my mates were busy having séx with their future husbands I was in church for praise and worship, cleaning chairs, going for revival, visitation, paying my tithes. etc. 
Dear God, you no try! If I were you, I would have blessed me since. I never disobeyed my parents while they were alive. I read my bible daily, I was a virgin till I was 31 for Christ sake. Haba!

This is the bitter truth!

...Jim Iyke's sweetheart is a cute and séxy babe!

According to Ghana Celebrities: It took me a long time to buy into the speculation that Nadia Buari and Jim Iyke were not only bang-ing mates, but were truly in a relationship. Even when my sources close to Nadia Buari confirmed to me that she was in a real relationship with Jim Iyke, I just couldn’t bring myself to accept this — and always wondered how Nadia Buari was going to handle Jim Iyke’s temper.

I only truly accepted that their relationship was real when my sources at a hotel they both stayed in at East Legon (a place I’ve stayed before) also mentioned that, Jim and Nadia were hiding there in one room—splashing what seems like love all over the place…But that was then!

Troops in fresh shoot out with Boko Haram in Borno

•Insurgents killed, six soldiers injured
For about two hours yesterday, soldiers  were locked in a fresh shoot-out with Boko Haram insurgents  on  the  Damaturu-Benishek-Maiduguri road.
Benishek was the scene of a massacre by Boko Haram in 2013.
Over 100 residents were killed in that attack.
An unknown   number of insurgents were shot dead in yesterday’s encounter.
Six soldiers were wounded.
The Defence Headquarters has deployed more troops to the area to guarantee safe passage for travellers.
The insurgents had, at about noon yesterday, attempted to take-over the  road.
Security agencies were contacted and troops were immediately drafted to the area.
What followed was a gun battle between the soldiers and the insurgent.
A reliable military source said: “Our troops engaged the Boko Haram insurgents on Saturday in fierce counter-attacks. Some of the insurgents fell but only six soldiers were injured. The encounter lasted about two hours.

The Real Madrid player has made quite a name for himself, both in the world of football and off the soccer field, winning numerous awards like the ballon d’or and cupping loads of modeling and endorsement deals which still fetch him a lot of fortune when he is not making money off his football skills.

While it is not unusual for successful players like Ronaldo to live life in the fast lane and buy lots of luxurious things, there is still something about the footballer that gets to attract more hate and criticism than usual from soccer fans all over the world.

Eight Boko Haram terrorists who came out to get food and items from Goym village in Dikwa local government, Borno state were arrested by visiting Civilian Joint Task Force men who came from Gwoza. The terrorists who came in a hilux truck with some motorcycles were arrested at 4pm Friday evening.

Upon interrogation, the terrorists revealed that the 234 girls abducted from Chibok were still in Sambisa forest and that they had been divided into three groups. They describe the camps in Sambisa as very large. They said they were sent by their leader to get items including clothes for the girls.

At a press conference for the Regional Security Summit that held in France today, President Jonathan explained why he hasn't visited the Chibok community, the school or parents of the missing girls...
"The school is owned by the State Government but it is the commitment of the Federal government to rebuild the school, build walls to protect it and provide facilities since it is predominantly a school that takes care of girls education so that the girls would be protected. Yes I will visit Chibok, no doubt about that but what we are anxious about now is to locate the girls. These girls are not held in Chibok. If the President goes to Chibok today, does that solve any problem? Maybe psychological problem or for media relevance but you have not solved the problem. The problem facing the President and indeed the Nigerian government is to get these girls from wherever they are" he said
See pics of President Jonathan at the summit

                                           Cute cute! And we love the pouting too...

Oh well... More pictures after the cut.

The Principal of Government College, Makurdi, Godfrey Ugudu, on Saturday said the school had received letter from Boko Haram sect threatening to attack the school.
Ugudu, who announced this at a news conference in Makurdi on Saturday, added that the school received two letters which had the same content on 14 May.
“It is true that we saw two letters informing us of the intention of the sect to invade our school on Friday or Monday by Boko Haram.

“The letters were dated May 14, 2014, stating that they were coming either of the two days to abduct our boys whom they would marry to the secondary school girls abducted in Chibok.

Yeni Kuti in a new interview with Sunnewsonline has explained why she is still single and why she can never re-marry at over 50. She also talks about Nigerian married women being stars, because Nigerian men are hard to look after. Her words;
I am still single because I have lost all interest in marriage and I don’t believe in the institution any more. Nigerian men are too controlling and overbearing for me and I am already set in my ways. Besides, I have been on my own for too long. My major concern is training my daughter.

The Minister of State for Defence, Musiliu Obanikoro today praised civilians who joined soldiers in fighting the Boko Haram sect, but Nigerians think, such praises shouldn't have come from a government official, let alone the Minister of State for Defence. 
More after the cut.

One of CNN's respected news anchor, Jim Clancy has supported President Jonathan not going to Chibok, tweeting that the president can act without traveling there. Trust Nigerians, they responded. See their tweets after the cut...

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Top 10 Most Popular Video Of The Day In Nigeria, Its A Must Watch: More Interesting Stories In Videos Click The Link Below To Watch
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