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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

This image provided by the Saddle Ridge Hoard discoverers via Kagin's, Inc., shows one of the six decaying metal canisters filled with 1800s-era U.S. gold coins unearthed in California by two people who want to remain anonymous.
Image: Saddle Ridge Hoard discoverers via Kagin's, Inc./Associated Press
While walking their dog, a couple from Northern California struck gold — literally.
Last spring, the anonymous couple dug up rusty tin cans with 1,427 gold coins, dating from 1847 to 1894. Nearly every coin was in mint condition and has never been circulated, according to the Professional Coin Grading Service of Santa Ana, which recently authenticated the coins.

Omotola is now the new face of Ghandour Cosmetics Ltd, a Ghanaian company which makes hair relaxers and other hair care products for women. The deal was sealed on the 7th of February 2014 in Lagos, but Omotola just flew to Ghana to visit the company. The deal also includes marketing campaigns in selected African countries. See more photos after the cut.

Dear readers am confused and losing it. I have been married for 3yrs now to the best man. Before marriage, sex with him was great...then I looked forward to every moment with him.

A witness in the on-going trial of Dodo Chilla Bulus, an Assistant Superintendent of Police, today February 25, 2014 told Justice E.S Chukwu of the Federal High Court, Abuja how the accused person conspired with vandals to break crude oil pipeline and siphon product.
Bulus is currently being prosecuted by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission on a 2-count charge bordering on oil theft and pipeline vandalism.

At the resumed hearing of the case on Tuesday, Lolade Longe, an operative of the EFCC who was led in evidence by Elizabeth Ayodele, counsel to Commission, told the court that the accused person served as informant to vandals who siphoned crude oil from broken pipeline.

Nollywood actress Uche Ogbodo who secretly tied the knot with an America-based ex-footballer, Apo Arthur on Saturday, October 5th, 2013, in Nkanu village, Enugu State has confirmed she is pregnant. Confirming the pregnancy, Uche said ‘Yes it is true, my husband and I are very happy about it’. So the rumours are true people. Congrats Uche!

by Sobiya N. Moghul
There are some foods, which will raise the body’s temperature more than other foods and will help you burn fat.
1. By creating heat and speeding up the metabolism
When your body temperature increases, your metabolism will also speed up, thereby helping your bodyburn calories. There are some foods, which will raise the body’s temperature more than other foods and will help you burn fat.
Foods that increase our body temperature:
Cinnamon, a fat burning spice: 1/2 tsp in powdered form can be added to either tea/coffee/cereal or low fat milk

2. Reducing calorie intake by digestion
Some foods reduce the amount of calories that you absorb, due to their high fibre content. Fibre is excellent for digestion and moves food faster through the digestive tract, meaning fewer calories are absorbed.
It is important to drink plenty of water when you increase your fibre content, or it can  cause build up in your intestine leading to constipation.

According to an exclusive report by E!, Katy Perry and John Mayer have split after dating on and off for almost two years. A source close to the couple told E! that Perry broke up with Mayer within the last few days.

by Smitten Kitten
black-couple happy in bed
Being experimental and adventurous in bed is a trait most men look for in their women. You don’t have to force yourself to bring out the whips and costumes if you’re not into that kind of stuff but don’t say no to everything without even trying it.
1. Outside the room
Being the best isn’t only about what you do in bed, but also what you do out of bed. For a steamy night, start by spicing things up outside the bedroom. When he’s at work, text him a naughty message that will drop a hint about what he should expect when he gets home or go out for a romantic dinner. If he’s had a long day, treat him to a sensual massage. The little sexy things you do outside the bedroom count in a big way.
2. Don’t be afraid to experiment
Being experimental and adventurous in bed is a trait most men look for in their women. You don’t have to force yourself to bring out the whips and costumes if you’re not into that kind of stuff but don’t say no to everything without even trying it. You could start with subtle stuff like blindfolds and massage oils. He will appreciate the effort and will have a hard time forgetting the sexy night.
3. Get wet, go!
When we talk about sex, wetter is better. Don’t be afraid to use lubricant to make things better in the bedroom. Lubricants enhance sensation and make things under the sheet more pleasurable. You could use some lube while giving him a hand job too. Trust us, he will love you for this.

by Oge Okonkwo
Pregnant mom, Polly McCourt had always wanted a natural birth for her third child and she got exactly her wish.
McCourt was in her apartment when she realised she was in labour, rushed down to the building’s doorman who helped her outside to hail a cab.
But it was not fast enough as her little daughter arrived before the cab did.
Daily News reports:

Mom and baby were then rushed to Lenox Hill Hospital, where they were found to be in good health. Ila weighed in at 7 pounds, 6 ounces.
Speaking from her hospital bed Tuesday, the relieved mom recalled her tumultuous day.
She had been volunteering for the spring fundraiser at P.S. 267, where her two older children attend school, when she realized she wasn’t feeling well. She sent 6-year-old son Conor to the playground with a friend, called the babysitter to take care of 4-year-old daughter Adele, and rushed home around 3 p.m. to call her obstetrician — who told her to get to the hospital immediately.

by Beverley Lewis
black-couple-hugging 2
Get physical…So encourage your partner to take up a fun exercise class with you. Or, you could simply take up walking, jogging or yoga to boost your sex drive. Doing these activities together will also enable you to bond with your partner.
1. Get Physical Together: 
Studies show that 30 minutes of exercise can improvesexual health and boost self-esteem. So encourage your partner to take up a fun exercise class with you. Or, you could simply take up walking, jogging or yoga to boost your sex drive. Doing these activities together will also enable you to bond with your partner. Another method to boost a lagging libido is by doing kegel exercises, as they can help strengthen the lower pelvic muscles and help prevent prostate problems in men and incontinence in women.

Footballer Kalu Uche and his ex-beauty queen wife Stephanie Uche welcomed a son yesterday. The couple married in 2011 and welcomed a daughter in October of the same year. Congrats to them.

It's celebrities prerogative to do whatever they like on social media's my job to bring the interesting ones to you. Hehe. Yesterday, celebrity Disc Jockey DJ Neptune posted the pic above on instagram and said 'With a good wife and God by his side, he's blessed'. The first comment you see on the post is from someone called 60watz who writes 'Lame, delete'. At first you think nothing of the comment until you find out who wrote it..:-). See who after the cut...

Singer Essence has replied the reporter who says she is broke and now jumps from one okada to another. Essence said in a new interview that she is not broke, and as a matter of fact, she has acquired two cars ever since her former car got stolen. She also says she is in a relationship with a Nigerian based overseas and that’s why she shuttles the country coupled with her foreign shows. Read what she said after the cut.

She posted the pic on her instagram page on her way to the Africa Magic Viewers' Choice Awards' nominees brunch happening today. She looks great!

by Zara Mustapha
Can anyone survive for a second without a head attached to the body?
A classic case of strange but true is the story of Mike, the headless chicken that lived for two years after it was decapitated by its owner.
On September 10, 1945 a poultry farmer, Lloyd Olsen needed to use Mike the chicken for dinner but hit the wrong spot dring its killing which left the chicken headless – but living.
The chicken was fed by Olsen with an eye dropper through its oesophagus .
According to reports, the chicken of-course became famous and was  known as the “The Headless Wonder Chicken”. It lived for a period of two years after the incident with  people paying to see the wonder chicken.
Dear Tessy,
Please I need your advice. I’m deeply in love with my girlfriend of 3 years even though she’s 4 years older than me. I want to marry her but the age issue is bothering her seriously. What should I do?

by Oge Okonkwo
suicide hanging
A 9-year old South African boy was said to have died in his classroom on Tuesday in what may have been a prank which went awry.
The primary school boy was found by a school teacher at lunch time hanging from a string which was wound round his neck.
According to the head of department for education, the incident had happened in front of his classmates.
iOL News reports:

by Tutu Akinlabi
horny caller
A desperately horny woman is said to have called 911 and caused a policeman to come to her home only to try to have sex with him.
58-year-old Maria Montenez-Colon begged the officer to go to bed with her and said “I haven’t been penetrated in years!”
She was arrested and charged for the misuse of 911 after she called the emergency number twice.
NY Daily reports:
The officer drove to her home in Punta Gorda after she reportedly told a dispatcher that she wanted her late husband’s Corvette back after giving it to her son, authorities said.

From a female LIB reader
I have been in a relationship with my man for about 18 months. When I first met him, I never thought anything would come off it. I typically brushed him aside and never gave him too much thought as he is very physically different than what I am usually attracted to in a man. With time, I slowly realized that his character and personality is everything I have ever hoped, dreamed and fantasized about. No kidding. I decided to give us a chance. It has been 18 months now and he has started talking about long term plans i.e getting married. The problem is, whenever I meet or come across anyone with the physical attributes I am attracted to, I start to second guess the whole relationship as I sometimes lust after people who possess these physical attributes. I really can’t help it. I do not want to cheat on this man if we eventually get married but I fear this may happen. I really love this man but this is too confusing. Has anyone ever experienced this dilemma? How did you handle it? How much does physical appearance play in the long run (i.e after you are married)? Reasonable responses please.

The singer and his family have moved into their new home. The house Timi bought his wife for Val. He shared pictures of himself and his son playing in the compound of the house this morning online. Apparently, the singer does not like so much attention drawn to him, because he refused to accept he acquired a new home in a recent interview on Rubbin’ Minds, stating he does not know where bloggers got the idea from. More photos after the cut.

29 year old Rabelani Ramali (pictured right), a community worker from rural Limpopo province in South African has launched a contest in the country where girls who are virgins at 35 and below would be rewarded with R100,000 or less plus medals; gold, silver or bronze, depending on their ages.

Rabelani who has fathered five children by four women out of wedlock, says he decided to come up with this idea to help checkmate the rate of unwanted pregnancies and HIV cases amongst south African women. He said his NGO, SA Virgin Girls Awards, which was registered in November 2013, is set to take on this task as he has recruited 31 volunteer workers who would help disburse forms among women in schools, market, churches and other places.

by Gossip Queen
It’s hard to believe, but studies reveal that women fantasise more during sex than men. The more time a woman spends fantasising about doing the deed, the more sexual pleasure she is capable of receiving and giving.
1. Studies reveal that the male organ can be slightly bent when erect. So don’t freak out the next time your man is sporting something hard and something slightly bent.
2. Want to get fit and that too quickly? Make love as often as you can. Women burn more calories while doing the deed than hitting the gym for hours. So the next time instead of splurging on gym swear, get some sexy lingerie.
3. An orgasm is the best natural sedative. So next time you are tired and want to sleep long, just have sex until you climax
4. Orgasms can make you more creative. And a little more creativity never hurts, right? So try and seduce your man for more orgasms.
5. Blue balls are for real. It is not just a term, but actually can happen. When more blood flows into the male organ than out, the uneven flow causes an increase in the volume of blood in the genital region. It results in testicles becoming engorged with blood.

You remember Noble Igwe dissed Rukky Sanda for bleaching and even said her new movie, Gold Diggin wasn't worth our time? Well an online media reach out to Rukky Sanda to get her reaction on what Mr. Noble said about her and Rukky denied ever hearing about Noble Igwe before now.
“Who is that? I have no idea who you are talking about. I am working right now. I have no opinion or reaction to what you are talking about,” she said.

Toke Makinwa revealed her saddest moment in a recent interview with Genevieve magazine

Peter Okoye announced a few minutes ago that they are set to launch their cartoon series and it’s going to be a hit. The singer said they have been working on it for about 5years now and he is glad it’s finally ready. ‘THE ALINGOS cartoon series out on ur SCREEN soon’, he said. Also watch the trailer after the cut and find a press statement from their publicist, Bayo Adetu below too.

Her words to women;
Some of us complain of problems in marriage and some are down with one sickness or the other simply because we don’t want to overlook those irrelevant things.
Why on earth should a woman carry the husband’s phone when he is in the bathroom just because she wants to catch him in his sexcapades?
Why create time just to drive around town looking for where his car is parked? Why liaise with your female friends to get him caught when some of them are after him and ready to take him from you? Na high blood pressure you wan give yourself so. Continue after the cut.

by Oge Okonkwo
A 15-year-old boy, Seun Aderinwale, was said to have been traded for two bags of rice valued at N2o,ooo at  Igando in Alimosho area of Lagos State.
According to sources, the yet-to-be identified man reportedly went to Igando to buy two bags of rice from a shop owned by a woman identified as Iya Ibrahim.
The woman was not available at the time but her son, identified as Ibrahim, agreed to the man’s proposal to drop Seun who is an apprentice at an aluminium shop, as collateral, to collect the bags of rice and return later to make payment.

Last night Drake brought out Rihanna on his Paris stop of the Would You Like a Tour tour to perform 'Take Care...' with him. These two should make it official! See the video after the cut...

Monalisa Chinda, Ibinabo Fiberesima, Clarion Chukwura and Emem Isong attended the Sun Awards which held on Saturday 22nd February at Eko Hotel in Lagos. See more photos after the cut...

The second season is scheduled to start in March 2014. Hot Mama!! See more photos after the cut.

A yet to be identified man on Monday successfully traded a 15-year old boy, Seun Aderinwale, for two bags of rice valued at N20,000 at Igando in Alimosho area of Lagos State, southwest Nigeria. According to eyewitness account, the man, whose address is unknown, went to 4, Ifesowapo Street, Igando, on Monday morning to buy two bags of rice from a shop owned by a woman identified as Iya Ibrahim.
The rice seller was not available at the time but her son, Ibrahim, agreed to the man’s proposal to drop Seun, an Aluminium apprentice, as collateral, in order to collect the two bags of rice and return later to pay.
However, when the shop owner returned in the afternoon, she was surprised to see Seun who was dropped there in exchange for the two bags of rice.

FlytimeTV Presents another funny Series of "Word Of The Day' with funny Radio Personality Nedu. The Word in question is, 'Remuneration'. Do our celebrities and regular people know what it means? Watch it to find out...

by Zara Mustapha
We wonder what was going on in  Davido’s head when he saw his alleged baby mama’s rant on Instagram.
Months ago, social media had gone into overdrive after several blogs implied that the Aye singer was expecting a set of twins with a 23-year-old UK based model of Cuban and Jamaican descent who had supposedly claimed that Davido was responsible for her pregnancy - an allegation which the singer denied.
Well, miss Haye must have had it with social media as she took to Instagram to rant about her present predicament, throwing more confusion into the story by claiming that she had nothing to do with Davido.

A Nigerian businessman has been jailed for 12 years after he was found guilty of stabbing his wife as she slept in their home. Oluwabusayo Abegunde, 38, (pictured above) stabbed his wife repeatedly with a kitchen knife after he went through her phone and discovered she was seeing someone else.

Esther Abegunde, 33, told her husband of ten years that their marriage was over and moved into a spare room on February 16th 2013. Abegunde attacked her with the knife after he discovered why she wanted to leave him. Oluwabusayo stabbed Esther in the chest, arm, and punctured her left lung, according to the Manchester Evening News. Continue...

This black woman left home with only a bikini pant to go shopping in a popular mall. Check out full pix below... 

Hanks still looks every inch the Nollywood tough guy we all know him to be. Ghana is his second home and Hanks is obviously enjoying his life there.

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Top 10 Most Popular Video Of The Day In Nigeria, Its A Must Watch: More Interesting Stories In Videos Click The Link Below To Watch
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