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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Governor Amaechi hosted Dele Momodu who recently was a year older and his famil in Rivers State. They took out time to specially pray for/ Nigeria, and Mr Momodu says the prayers were indeed hot and was led by his wife. He also spoke about how humble Amaechi is, and wish a lot of leaders will emulate him. See more pictures of Amaechi and the rest of the family after the cut.

 A footballer has died from the injury he suffered on the pitch following a horror challenge during an Indonesian Premier League match.
Persiraja striker Akli Fairuz (in orange) was injured after taking a boot to the body from PSAP Sigli goalkeeper Agus Rahman as the pair raced for the ball in the area.
Players, clearly incensed by the tackle, clashed on the pitch while the referee had to be moved away by security.
Fairuz was substituted but managed to watch the rest of the game from the sidelines. However, the attacker later took a turn for the worse and had to be admitted to hospital. It was soon discovered that Fairus had suffered bladder leakage and, a few days after the match, passed away from his internal injuries. Sad. May his soul rest in peace. Continue to see more photos...

The President has released a press statement condemning the bomb blast that occurred this afternoon at Terminus market in Jos. Find the statement signed by his spokesperson, Reuben Abati, below
President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan strongly condemns the bomb blasts in Jos, Plateau state, today, describing the perpetrators of this tragic assault on human freedom as cruel and evil.  He has also directed all relevant agencies to mobilise support and relief efforts in aid of the victims. The President extends his heartfelt sympathies to the affected families and persons.
President Jonathan assures all Nigerians that government remains fully committed to winning the war against terror, and this administration will not be cowed by the atrocities of enemies of human progress and civilization. Continue...
President Jonathan has also expressed Nigeria’s deepest appreciation to the international community on the success of the recent Summit in Paris on the security situation in Nigeria hosted by the President of France, H.E. Francois Hollande.
He reaffirms Nigeria’s commitment to the implementation of the resolutions reached by the Summit, in addition to existing measures already being taken by the administration to combat terrorism and ensure the safety of lives.
President Jonathan states that the Federal Government of Nigeria is prepared to strengthen existing mechanisms to ensure the immediate implementation of the resolutions of The Summit, among which are:
You might not believe it, but Jose Mujica, president of Uruguay since 2010, is known to be the world’s poorest president.
Jose donates more then of 90% of his $12,000 per month salary to benefit the poor and to help small entrepreneurs.  If we need more of anything in this world, it would be more people like this!

This man doesn’t put value on his appearance or clothes.  He is criticized for his posture and clothes, but Jose puts more value on other things in life instead.
World's-Poorest-President-2 Before his presidency, he was a guerilla fighter for Tupamaros, which acted like “Robin hood.”  They literally robbed evil banks, gun clubs, and other businesses to give to the poor. He truly believed that his value was not in gaining more money, it was in the wellbeing of his country and people.  He was imprisoned 2 times for a total of 14 years and shot 6 times after an escape attempt, But he still continues to fight for the people even in his high office now as president of Uruguay. 
Mujica could live in this beautiful Presidential house, but has chosen a more humble place to live.  He is a honest example of a president that gives up his own comfort for the wellbeing of others.
…And this is where he lives, on a farm with his wife and dog.  He is also working to change the fancy presidential house into a museum that pays honor to past presidents.  There’s no reason for money, fame, and a nice place to sleep when you can be humble and live on a farm.  This president lives the life!
His part time farming job, keeps him aware of the struggles and life that most other people of his country go though.  He also grows and then sells flowers from his farm.  You can see him frequently driving his old 1987 Volkswagon Beetle.  He doesn’t need a fancy Bentley, because he doesn’t care about having a extravagant appearance.  His people are what matters and what matters are his people.
Jose’s protection consists of two guards and his 3 legged dog named Manuela.
Even though he is known as the poorest president, he strongly disagrees. He says, “I’m not the poorest president. The poorest is the one who needs a lot to live… My lifestyle is a consequence of my wounds. I’m the son of my history. There have been years when I would have been happy just to have a mattress.”  
This president’s example is a testament to how we should live our lives.  We don’t need more things to be happy.  In fact, some of the most wealthy people in the world, have their wealth stored in the currency of unselfishness, kindness, and true love.  Maybe its time for a change?
The world needs more people like this.  Don’t you agree?  Please consider sharing with others below.

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Top 10 Most Popular Video Of The Day In Nigeria, Its A Must Watch: More Interesting Stories In Videos Click The Link Below To Watch

Posted: 18th May 2014 by Emenike Michael Nwofor in Uncategorized
MASSOB to honour Isaac Boro, Ken Saro Wiwa and Orji Uzor Kalu? Uwazuruike is a disgrace to Biafran cause!
MASSOB Leader Raph Uwazuruike is a disgrace to Biafran cause!
“They were at the parlour. I went into the study room to speak with Ojukwu, Ezeigbo Gburugburu. He [Ojukwu] told me that this person [Rochas Okorocha] I brought is not a true Igbo man. ‘I will not give him ticket,’ that was what he told me. “
“I may not be the person that will achieve Biafra. God knows who will do it. . . A leader that wants to achieve everything himself is not a good leader.”
Leader of the Movement for the survival of the Sovereign State of Biafra, MASSOB, Chief Ralph Uwazuruike, is angry. And deservedly too. His, is a story of betrayals; of can of worms. From the reneging of an agreement for the succession of the late leader of the All Progressives Grand Alliance, APGA, Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu by his wife, Iyom Bianca, to the selfish appropriation of APGA by a clique which he alleges, uses the party as “a cash cow” and for extortion, the tale elicits awe and grows goose pimples. “Why I am partisan now is because there was an agreement. Iyom is the legitimate successor to Ojukwu and beneficiary of his legacies.
Not anyone else. They chased the woman away and took her husband’s property”. He tells Sunday Sun in his residence in Owerri, the Imo State capital. He is not done yet, as the bile in his belly still overflows from the stench of further betrayals. He speaks of how he single-handedly made Owelle Rochas Okorocha governor in 2011, against the advice and better judgement of the late Ojukwu, and how the same man has turned his back against him and the people. In pains, he talks of the self-serving cry and ribaldry of Igbo marginalization by the leaders.

Rose Ball 2014 In Aid Of The Princess Grace Foundation In Monaco
Dmitry Rybolovlev attends the Rose Ball 2014 in aid of the Princess Grace Foundation at Sporting Monte-Carlo Pascal Le Segretain—Getty Images

Russian oligarch Dmitry Rybolovlev was ordered to pay his ex-wife $4.5 billion by a Swiss court

A Swiss court ordered Russian oligarch and Monaco soccer club owner Dmitry Rybolovlev to pay more than $4.5 billion to his ex-wife Monday.
And if what Rybolovlev’s lawyer’s saying is true, then the soon-to-be-appealed settlement amounts to the most expensive divorce in history.
Even for someone who is familiar with beatings, Vince McMahon could not have been prepared for the drubbing that he had in store last week.
According to Forbes, McMahon, the chairman and CEO of WWE, lost $350 million in a span of 24 hours.

The loss was the result of a few factors, including lack of confidence in WWE's new online streaming network and a somewhat lackluster new TV deal. The new online streaming network has only picked up 700,000 subscribers since launching, and WWE said it expects the network to lose between $45 million and $52 million this year.

The tortoiseshell puss from Bournemouth was born in February 1990, making her a ripe old 114 in human years

Poppy the cat is certainly feline her age - after being recognised as the world’s oldest cat at 24 years.

The tortoiseshell puss from Bournemouth was born in February 1990, making her a ripe old 114 in human years.

She has lived through five British Prime Ministers but is now a frail old lady and spends most of her time indoors relaxing.

Poppy, who has been recognised by Guinness World Records, is one year younger than Misao Okawa of Japan, the oldest person in the world.

She has picked up the title following the death of Pinky, a cat from Kansas who passed away at the age of 23 last year.

Paul Mason and Rebecca Mountain on ABC

Paul Mason  – has got engaged after his girlfriend popped the question.
Paul, 53, from Ipswich, Suffolk, immediately said “yes” to 8st Rebecca Mountain, 40, on ABC’s The View TV programme in America.
Ex postie Paul, now 22st, vowed to lose more weight. He said: “I don’t want to go down that aisle in a wheelchair.”

Yesterday presidential spokesman, Reuben Abati tweeted some photos of Nigerian troops in action ready to engage Boko Haram men of Sambisa forest...turns out one the pics posted is an old picture used in 2012 on this site. See the original pic after the cut...

NOA is the National Orientation Agency. Continue to see more pics they tweeted of Nigerian troops in action to find missing girls. Kudos to our troops...

Ciara is officially a mom. Page Six reports that the singer gave birth early yesterday morning Monday May 19th in Los Angeles.

The baby is the first for Ciara, who is engaged to rapper Future and expected to marry him in the next few months. Future has three other children from three other women.

Explosions this afternoon ripped through the University Teaching Hospital (JUTH) area inside the terminus market in Jos, Plateau state. Another explosion was reported to have happened at Abuja market terminus, Jos.

Details are sketchy at the moment and the number of casualty (if any) is unknown but eye-witnesses are tweeting pics from the scene. Details later. See more pics after the cut...

Actor and film maker Prince Eke has released an official press statement in regards to the recent theft scandal involving himself, a South Africa based rapper named Prosper and actress Angela Okorie.
In the statement released exclusively to Encomium magazine, Prince Eke apologized to his fans for getting himself involved in the messy scandal. He also advised Angela Okorie to desist from spreading the allegations of him conniving with Prosper to spoil her name. His statement below...
"My fans, family, friends and colleagues, my sincere apology to you all for finding myself in this messy situation out of the fact that I wanted to help an up and coming artiste to realize her dream in movie making in South Africa which I consider as giving back by helping others grow. This is not the first time I am doing this. I have always been into charity works but unfortunately, this has put me and my name in a messy situation just because I had to speak the truth. I say so because morally, I couldn't stand to see or witness another man messing around with another man's wife. Continue...

US actor Michael Jace has been arrested for shooting his wife dead at their South Los Angeles home. According to reports, the actor, best known for his role on The Shield as Julien Lowe, a gay police officer struggling with his sexual identity, called 911 late last night Monday May 19th and confessed to shooting his wife of nine years.

When police got to their home at Brynhurst Avenue in Hyde Park, they were met by Michael Jace, 51, and discovered April Jace, 40, suffering from multiple gunshot wounds, NBC reports.

April Jace was declared dead by paramedics at the scene. The couple's two children, both boys under the age of 10, were in the home at the time of the shooting but LA police said it is unclear whether the boys witnessed the shooting and still do not know why the actor shot his wife dead. Continue...

Traditional hunters in some Northern states say they are ready to join the military in the search for missing Chibok girls, Associated Press reports.
According to the report, the hunters numbering about 500 and ranging between 18 to 80 years old have been in Borno state for two weeks now waiting for the government and the military to give them the permission to go after the missing girls. 

The hunters say their magic charms would prevent any blood being drawn from their body. They also expressed their belief in their herbs wrapped in leather pouches as well as cowrie shells, animal teeth and leather bracelets, including a cocktail of fetish substances which provides them spiritual powers that protects them from being pierced by bullets. Continue...

The actress whom a lot of people have criticized for always showing off her shopping bags whenever she is out of the country, is still so much excited about her garage. Daniella last month showed off her garage, where she parked her Lexus, LR3 and Range Rover. Well this morning she went online again to say 'she never said she was the richest, but she is far from broke'. Apparently, Daniella is not broke, but she changed the colour of her Range from black to Red. Lol… Don't mind us Daniella enjoy...

Reuben Abati reveals pictures of 'Nigeria's committed and patriotic troops' ready to engage terrorists of notorious Sambisa forest to #BringBackOurGirls. And there's a photo op of this? lol. Well, I don't blame the government, how else will we believe that they are really doing all they can to bring back our missing girls. Well done, troops! See more photos after the cut...

Beyonce today shared new pictures on her Tumblr page of herself, Jay Z, Solange and their mum all together for the first since the elevator fight, trying to end speculation once and for all over the state of the family's relationship.

All this damage control now, all I know is that I won't just stand there and watch no sister of mine put her hands and spit on my husband. As far as I'm concerned, Beyonce was wrong for that. But good to know they've buried the hatchet. See another pic after the cut...

A Nigerian Custom officer named Mr Nwaeze who heads the Customs unit at Mosafejo Aradagun, has been accused of allegedly attacking  a woman identified as Ms Tope Fadipe with acid after an argument over money.
Sahara Reporters reports that Ms Fadipe, who served as a salesgirl at a local food business run by Mr Nwanze's family for 3 years, was attacked by an angry Nwaeze on Friday May 9th, after she argued with him when he accused of her of not remitting N50,000 into the business account.
After the acid attack, the matter was reported at the Badagry Police Station, and Mr. Nwaeze had boasted that no one could arrest him. On Saturday, the 10th of May, one day after the incident, Mr. Nwaeze was said to have appeared at the Police Station, and had returned shortly afterwards to show he is above arrest. Continue...

She posted the photo on instagram...but peep the that her naked butt? Lol. Dencia was also front row at the Billboard Music Awards yesterday ...

A British surveillance jet which was on its way to Nigeria to help in the search for missing Chibok girls reportedly broke down in Senegal due to unspecified technical problems.

Yesterday, the Northern Elders’ Forum urged the Federal Government to negotiate with Boko Haram for the release of abducted Chibo girls. Do you think FG should, or not?

Very often we hear that soldiers in battle with the dreaded Islamic sect Boko Haram were killed, but we hardly get to see the fallen officers. Well, here are two of them. The officer on the left is Major Olalekan Akintola, aka Lokoso, he was one of the officers ambushed and killed by Boko Haram men last Wednesday night. The officer on the right is Lt Odushina Oluwafemi, he and his fellow soldiers were killed when their convoy was ambushed by Boko Haram after their GOC, Major General Abubakar Mohammed, made them make an unusual trip, his friends say.

Gen. Buhari has denied that the Mohammed Buhari who was arrested by EFCC for N20million scam is his adopted son. The man had claimed to be related to the former military head of state. (read here)

Reacting yesterday, chairman of the Buhari Vanguard, Jasper Azuatalam, said Gen. Buhari had no need to adopt any children as God had blessed him with both male and female children.

You go girl! Some ladies don't have a body like that!

The event held on Sunday May 18th at Eko Hotel. See more pics after the cut...

20 year old Delta state born Merrilyn Akpapuna (pictured above) on May 10th 2014 emerged overall Best Graduating Student of Dillard University, an Ivy league school in New Orleans, USA .
Merrilyn, the daughter of a dental surgeon, graduated with a first class honors in Psychology. She also won two other awards for highest academic achievements for the College of Arts and Sciences and College of General Studies.
Her feat made her share the podium with US First Lady, Michelle Obama, who attended the school's convocation. Merrilyn is pictured above with the President of Dillard University, Dr Walter Kimbrough. Congrats to her. What an inspiration. Continue...

Cameron (left) and Tyler Winklevoss, Principals of Winklevoss Capital Management, in New York on Jan. 28, 2014.
Image: Craig Ruttle/Associated Press
Who needs Facebook? The Winklevii think they've found something even bigger.
Tyler Winklevoss, half of the most famous twins in tech, told The Guardian that he believes Bitcoin could have a larger impact on the world than Facebook.

After waving goodbye to her BFF, Jim Iyke, actress Nadia Buari who is at the center of war between the actor and his friends, took to twitter to tactfully describe the kind of companion she had in Jim Iyke. She wrote, “He that walks with the wise shall be wise…. But a companion of fools shall be destroyed!”

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Top 10 Most Popular Video Of The Day In Nigeria, Its A Must Watch: More Interesting Stories In Videos Click The Link Below To Watch

1 .Basically, one truth illuminati members will not want you to know it that they are constantly in war with other organisations and groups. This is because they want to dominate the world and secure ultimate kingship. Therefore, they constantly feud among themselves while at the same time striving to increase the base of their power and undermine any obstructive competition.

2. Illuminati members will definitely not let you know that their history is overwhelmingly, increasingly and periodically changing and/or rewritten. They are rewriting their history to serve their own personal goals and objectives. This is achieved by teaching young kids about the non-existence of church and Jesus Christ. All these are done to lure their thinking hence taking control of their thoughts, sentiments, lifestyle and judgement.

More Interesting Stories In Videos Click The Link To Watch

Top 10 Most Popular Video Of The Day In Nigeria, Its A Must Watch: More Interesting Stories In Videos Click The Link Below To Watch
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